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Blogging Basics 101

well hello there! I've been receiving questions lately about blogging. Questions such as: how to start a blog, how to make money from blogging, what should I blog about...etc

I wanted to create a blog post that could be a resource for anyone that is interested in blogging world and wanted some inside advice on starting out! I'm going to answer all of the questions I have received below plus a few more! SCREENSHOT or BOOKMARK this blog post on your phone as a resource whenever you decide to take the plunge into the digital marketing realm.

The first and most asked question in my inbox!!

Question #1: How do you make money from blogging? How much?

brand partnerships, affiliate links, advertising, guest speaking, and hosting events.

The amount of money you can make really varies you can make $100 a month or upwards of thousands. However, keep in mind you get out what you out in. Becoming an overnight success in nearly impossible. The opportunities will come over time!

Question #2: Where do I start?

First thing you need to do is decide what you want to blog about? What are your hobbies? What are you good at? Then decide a blog name, website, and graphic designing of your logo, theme, and overall vibe for your brand.

Question #3 How do you get inspired for content?

I tend to pay attention to my favorite blogger for inspo, but my main inspo ideas come from pinterest! I think pinterest is very underrated. You can find literally anything on their so I focus on that for outfit ideas, receipes, and home decor!

Question #4 How do I get more followers/grow my following?

engaging with other creatives (I spend at least an hour a day engaging with new and current followers)

consistency (make a plan to post X amount of days a week) and stick to it

high quality content


Question #5 How long did you wait until you started blogging full time?

I'm actually not blogging full time! I received my FL real estate license this year and plan to focus on both as I grow both businesses! Ideally, I would love to blog full time in the future!

Question #6 How do giveaways work?

Once a group of people get together they will typically discuss what they want to giveaway. Each person then pitches in their own money. So influencers are literally paying to gift you the prize! There are also giveaway pages that people can create to host giveaways with more people at once typically for a larger prize!

Hopefully this was helpful and answered all of your questions! Let me know if you have any other questions :) I'm happy to help!!

Thank you, Miranda Davis


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