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Daily Dose of Davis 2021 GOALS

welll hello!!!! Today is a get ish done day! I'm staying home all day and working on my blog + a few other things around the house! Every year in January, I like to make a list of goals for my blog/business, personal goals and financial goals! One thing I've learned is the more specific I am with the goals the better chance I have with actually meeting those goals! I thought it would be fun to share my blog/business goals with you so you can know what I'm working towards this year!


1. Grow my following by hitting 20K I know it sounds pretty stupid, but usually when trying to work with bigger brands the larger your following the better chance you have at getting seen by these brands! **If you're a blogger and want to host a giveaway together DM on Insta!

2. Write more consistently on my blog.1 blog post a week= 4 blog posts a month! It's still January, but so far I'm sticking to it!

3. Grow my email list to 500 Subscribers If anything ever happened to Instagram or Facebook then I would loose everything that I've spent the past few years building. I don't own my FB or IG account, but I do own my website! I can always utilize my blog for any and all resources for you guys!

4. Give back to you guys more I'm planning about 2 giveaways a month right now to give back to you guys for all of your support + to reach new eyes for my page!

5. Hit my financial goal for the year I'm not going to share what the $$ amount is, but just know I have a goal I would like to make and expand by next year!

Stay tuned for next week's blog post! Look below for a fun giveaway :)

XOXO Miranda


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