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December Empties

HI! how are ya? I love seeing other influencers share what their favorite products are. So I decided to start a new series that I will post about either every month or every other month (not sure yet) for 2021!!! I will be sharing all of the items that I LOVED plus items that I didn't love! I will be rating each item from 1-10 so you can get my thoughts plus a description on all 5 products!! I hope you are excited! Here we go!

For DECEMBER these are the 5 items!

1. Olly: The essential prenatal folic acid + DHA

If you're looking for a vitamin to grow your nails + hair prenatal's are the way to go! Even if you aren't pregnant the science is there! Prenatal's have the best results! I believe Olly has a few flavors, but my favorite is the sweet citrus.

2. TheraBreath: dentist formulated fresh breath oral rinse. If you have bad morning breath like me LOL then you will love this stuff! I didn't think it would work, but amazon has hit the hammer on the head again with this one! I use it every morning when I wake up by gargling it for 30 - 45 seconds!

3. Tula: cult classic purifying face cleanser

Tula is my holy grail skincare! I have been using Tula for a few years now and it has transformed my skin. One of my favorite products is the cult classic purifying face cleanser. I use the cleanser every morning and night to prevent more breakouts. It has been my #1 repurchase from Tula!

4. Tyler: Glamorous wash diva (detergent)

If you haven't tried this detergent yet you are missing out. It has been the only detergent that will clean my clothes plus my husbands! He works for a timber company and I'm sure you can imagine the dirty clothing he comes home in. It makes your clothes smell so amazing and fresh! PRO TIP: mix a container of the Tyler glamourous wash with a scent free detergent to extend the amount of washes that you can get out of it! Since the detergent runs anywhere from $25-$35 this is the best option to get the most bang for your buck.

5. Kristin Ess: ultra hydrating curl leave in cream

I've used an entire bottle of the Kristin Ess curl leave in cream in 2 months! It takes the frizz away + softens my hair! My hair feels a lot more moisturized since using it so I plan to repurchase it the next time I'm at Target!

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