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February Empties

It's that time again! Let's talk about these February Empties. If you're new around here my empties series is all about sharing products that I've tried. I want to give you my honest reviews of each product while also rating them 1-10. I have another 5 items that I want to share with you guys. Let's jump in!

Pink Stork Fertility Sweets:

If you haven't heard of Pink Stork before you have to do your research! They are a Florida based fertility and wellness company that is ran by all women. I can honestly say I LOVE this brand! I have tried multiple products and haven't found any items that I don't love. My current favs are the fertility sweets & the fertility support! The lozenges are organic with zinc, folate, and vitaminB to support your natural fertility. The sweets are hard lozenges that are strawberry pomegranate flavored. so YUMMY! The bag is $14.99 for a pack of 30 lozenges. You can also use code Hope15 for 15% off your purchase! I would rate this product 10/10.

Too Faced Hangover 3-1 replenishing primer and setting spray:

I haven't always used a setting spray. but I have always used a primer! I found out about this 3-1a few years ago and decided to give it a go! I love that it primes, sets, and can refresh! I usually only apply it before makeup, but you can also use it to refresh throughout the day! I typically buy it at Ulta and It comes in a pretty decent sized bottle so it does last me about 4-6 months depending on how often I am applying makeup. I do love the feel of wearing the 3-1, but do I think it's 100% needed? No, I don't! I do like it, but you could just as easily have great makeup with a primer alone! I would rate this product 8/10.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Body Butter:

If you've been around for awhile then I'm sure you remember me talking about this body butter. I've tried over 10 different brands for self tanning options and this one is my favorite high end option. It comes in a big bottle with a pump which has lasted me about 4 months and that's with me typically applying it every other week. The consistency is very thick so you only need 1 pump for each area as in each leg, each arm, stomach, and etc. I really like the color that it gives which is an effortless sun kissed glow. The body butter only comes in one color, but I've seen it on many different skin tones and it looks look on everyone! I would say this product is a sold 10/10 and I'm going to order another one this week for our vacation next month!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation:

HOLY GRAIL beauty product! I love this foundation because it's a true full coverage option! I have tried lots of low end and high end foundations and this one is by far my fav! I love it because it's full coverage and a thick consistency. Due to the consistency you don't need a lot of product to fully cover your face. I don't personally believe in spending $500 for your everyday makeup products, but I do believe in spending more money on your base items such as primer, foundation, and concealer! I personally choose to fill my makeup bag with mainly drug store items with a sprinkle of 3-4 items of high end products! Drug store makeup has really changed the game the past few years so you can get almost exact dupes for a fraction of the money! I would rate this product at 10/10 and will continue to repurchase unless something else catches my eye to try!

R+Co Intense detangling spray:

If you have long locks like myself then you more than likely use conditioner or some sort of detangling spray or BOTH! I found this brand a few years ago and tried it out! I like that it not only works, is an affordable price and it can be found at Walmart + Target! I have very long hair that tends to get tangled easily so an intense detangling spray definitely helps the knots! I also really love that it leaves my hair feeling smooth! The scent isn't bad, but it's also not great. If I could change anything about the product it would definitely be to improve the scent! Overall I give this product a 7/10!

XO- Miranda

Instagram: @mirandardavis


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