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Grocery Hacks & Tips + Free Money (Fetch App)

Hey friends! I thought it might be helpful to share grocery hacks and tips. I have a list of my own that I use + a few of you sent in your tips that I will share below! Let's help each other save some money honey! Let's start with my personal hacks + tips! **At the end of this blog post, I'll be sharing my #1 money saving hack for not only grocery shopping, but all types of shopping!

Now let's move on to where I typically grocery shop. Although it depends on where you're located and what grocery places you have available, this is where I typically go and why! All of these are local to me or will deliver to my house.

A few tips that you guys shared on Instagram:

*Online ordering- it helps you know what you already have and it saves time.

*Don't buy anything that's not on your list! If it's not on your list then you probably don't actually need it.

*Plan to eat leftovers 1-2 meals after you cook, if you can! That means you'll be cooking less :)

*I forgot to add another one of my tips. Find a spouse that will literally eat anything, even if you aren't the best cook! Jordan is easy to please ;)





It's time to share my #1 money saving tip of all time!!! Let me introduce you to Fetch!! Fetch is an app where you can scan receipts to earn money back from your previous purchases. It's not a dollar for dollar app, but you can earn tons of points per receipt. The point of the app is to turn your receipts into gift cards. It's free and super user friendly. You can scan physical receipts or pull them from your email! Why not earn money back for things that you've spent your hard earned money on!

I started using Fetch in March of 2022 and have around 47,000 points already! My plan is to cash out in a few months to knock out a few gifts on my Christmas shopping list! Every little bit counts, am I right!? :)

Sign up with my referral code (32PBY2) and get 2,000 points for your first receipt. Download the app here to get started:

I hope you found these grocery store hacks and tips as helpful as I do! If you sign up for fetch, let me know! Take advantage of earning your money back!

XO- Miranda


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