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Microblading Experience

This post has been on my mind for a few weeks now! I’m so excited to finally share my microblading experience with you friends! For my experience I am collaborated with Nikki from The Total Hair Experience Salon in Jacksonville. However, now Nikki is at LashJax! If you’e in the area you will have to go see her!

When I was discussing options with Nikki I felt compelled to try something that I wouldn’t typically do such as a facial. I wanted to give you my 100% true take on something that a lot of people are interesting in learning more about especially recently. Plus I’ve always hated my eyebrows so it’s a win win! Have you ever heard the saying your eyebrows should be twins? Well mine are distant cousins. NO JOKE!!! I decided to go with microblading after talking it over with Nikki. I was super nervous going into our consultation because I am such a baby. I’ve always had a crazy fear of needles, but after the consult Nikki’s honesty and sweet personality made me realize I can really trust her judgement.

When scheduling microblading Nikki requires you to have a consult first before the day of your microblading so that you know how to prep and what to do afterwards to take the appropriate care. As well as discussing any contraindications and the necessary dietary changes that need to take place the week and few days before. I found it highly interesting that you can’t drink alcohol 24 hours before, no coffee the day of, avoid listed spices, and other skincare/ treatments listed on your paper that Nikki will provide at your consult.

Here are my personal results from Microbladding….

top photos are before & bottom photos are directly after (Day 1)

*Day 7: with no additional shading (no makeup on eyebrows)

*Day 16: additional shading on eyebrows

This is such a drastic change compared to my eyebrows before.

The microblading process takes a total of 3 hours to complete the pre draw, numbing and the actual microblading. When I arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful the salon was set up and how nice all of the staff was. Nikki greeted us and then gave my friend and I a look around the salon which ended into her services room. Nikki’s set up is like a modern relaxed spa.

I loved how personable Nikki was with not only myself, but with my friend. She answered every single question that we had for her regarding her services and we talked the entire time about blogging, her career, family, you name it. Nikki checked on me numerous times during the process which was super nice in my opinion! The entire experience from start to finish was nothing short of amazing! I am so happy with Nikki’s professional service. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Throughout the process Nikki will numb your eyebrow area to be sure that you have no pain, but if you happen to feel anything she will stop and give you a break and then numb you again to make you comfortable before starting again. Seriously I cant wait to go back!

When Nikki was finished she handed me a mirror and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had no pain and she had done beautiful work to my brows! I finally have nice eyebrows that won’t take me 15 minutes to fill in every single day! I feel like when your eyebrows are done your makeup looks and feels 100% better…I felt and still feel like a million bucks! Before we left Nikki and I talked about the after care that needs to be done to keep the longevity of my new eyebrows. Nikki told me to wash my eyebrows lightly with Dial soap and use aquaphor during the day and silver solution at night.

The first 4 days after your brows are going to get really dark. They may even get reddish as well. Then they will get really light for about 10 days. This is totally normal. At about day 12-14 your brows will finally look normal again! We then discussed my touch up appointment 6-8 weeks later to see the progress. If you need to go a little bit darker then that is also an option.

Nikki has been a licensed esthetician for 24 years and offers so many services. She offers full treatment facials, enzyme peels, chemical peels, lash lifts and tints, extensions, brow shaping, tint, henna brows, microblading, and she is also a commercial professional makeup artist. If you want to spoil yourself contact my girl Nikki! Her IG is  here or you can email her at

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Nikki and experience her professionalism as well as become more knowledgeable about microblading. If you’re ever in the area stop by Lashjax and see my girl Nikki. Use code “mirandadavis10” for 10% off your service! As always reach out to me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat

Love ya friends. Miranda


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