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Morning Skincare Regimen

We all want that glowing beautiful skin am I right? I haven't always put my skin first, but when I turned 22 I decided it was time to invest my time and money into a effective skincare routine. I started with a few ideas in mind. I wanted something that actually worked, had great ratings/reviews, affordable, and easy to access online + in store! Ultimately I ended up going with Tula. After trying a few other brands that just didn't work with my skin, Tula was the first brand that I could see a difference with in as little as a month! Since buying and trying multiple products and now partnering with Tula, I have found my favorite products that I use every single day! Just to let you know I like to keep it simple :)

As always you can use my discount code "Davis15" for 15% off your order! Linked here

first- the cult classic: purifying face cleanser.

A best seller from and my LTK!! The cleanser has a gel base that is great for taking away impurities and leftover makeup. A little bit of product goes a long way. Get ready to have you skin looking balanced and clear! This product is great for everyone..oily, combination, dry, and acne prone!

second- 24/7 moisture day and night cream.

The everyday and all day moisturizer. It is very lightweight and doesn't leave your face feeling greasy! I tend to use this twice a day, in the morning and at night! It just gives my skin the moisture and nourishment that it needs to look good throughout the day. ** side note this is the moisturizer that I will add my isle of paradise self tanning drops to self tan my face!

third- face filter blurring & moisturizing primer

I love using this primer to start off my makeup because it has a slight tint to give yourself a little color! It will instantly even your skin tone and create the perfect canvas for your makeup routine. The primer is built with superfoods and probiotic extracts which are great for your skin to balance your skin while also not clogging your pores. I've been using this product for almost a year and I can only say great things about it.

fourth- sensitive skin treatment drops calming vitamin b serum

I am new to using serum, but wanted to dive into what I am missing since I hear so much about serums! The vitamin B drops are great for calming the skin and to avoid irritation. I typically will use 2 drops on my entire face so it doesn't feel super greasy. The serum actually consists of 4 serums that have many goals for your skin. The goals of the serum are to are to smooth, hydrate, strengthen the skin barrier and protect against irritating factors! So far I like the results of the serum and I am seeing less breakouts which is an added bonus! Well there ya have it! That's my routine! Let me know if you have any further questions :)

XO- Miranda


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