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Recent Amazon Haul

Our favorite place to shop!! Ya'll I can't get enough of it! I try to place an order about once a month with things that I need a refill of or just new things that have caught my eye that I wanted to try! My current vibe has been boho edgy. All of the items that I ordered for this haul are black/neutral... are you noticing a trend?

Here is my current amazon haul.. click the graphic below to shop any of the items! Check out my stories on Instagram @mirandardavis for a full description of each item in the haul for a more in depth review!

A brief description of each item

  1. black adidas hat: you can't go wrong with a ball cap especially a neutral one. It is under $20 and a great staple for your closet year round!

  2. brown cropped hoodie: Since a lot of us are still staying home besides going to work or the grocery store I thought this would be the ultimate loungewear piece !I saw this on another blogger's IG and loved how she styled it! I'm excited to style this with leggings and tennis shoes! It is under $25 and perfect for a casual look!

  3. black cat eye sunglasses: these are so chic and such a statement! I wanted a fun pair of shades and these are it! They are also under $15.

  4. facial razors: Derma planning is up and coming! If you haven't tried using these razors you're missing out! You would be so shocked by how much peach fuzz you can get off your face + around your eyebrows! I've been using these razors for touching up my eyebrows for over 2 years! These are under $5.

  5. jewelry organizer: This looked great to use for traveling or for content days! I typically only take about 5-8 pieces of jewelry with me to shoot so this will be great to organize more + have more jewelry to choose from! This is under $20 and will easily fit in my purse!

  6. silicone hair tool pad: I can't tell you how excited I was to find this. I hate leaving my curling iron or flat iron on the counter while it's hot. I saw this and loved that it was a pad and a sleeve. You can put your hair tool on top of the pad while you're using it OR while it's cooling down OR you can place your hair tool in the sleeve for easy transporting use! This is under $10.

XOXO Miranda ;)


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