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Amazon Finds

Hey friends! Long time no speak. I’m glad to be back! I wanted to share my Amazon finds that I’ve found lately. If you love Amazon like I do then you will definitely be interested in my finds and I’m sorry for making you hurt your wallet. Let’s face it though it’s not the first time and definitely won’t be the last! Let’s get this rolling!!!

I loved this hat so much that I had to order another one. I bought the brown one 3 weeks ago and just ordered the black yesterday. Can’t wait to year these the rest of the year. A hat makes the perfect fall accessory for any outfit.

I’ve had this shower radio for a little over a month and it’s awesome. I love being able to jam in the shower. I think my hubs appreciates the music instead of my singing LOL. Such a great quality for a small price!


This case is literally my best investment! Idk about you, but I have around 8 pairs of sunglasses so this case is perfect to always have all on hand. It’s super convenient to have several pairs to switch out for blog photos.

Just ordered this yesterday and I’m dying to wear it! I love wearing anything black or brown so this will be perfect to go with my everyday outfit style 📷 The price was such a STEAL BTW!

So I’ve been thinking about getting my nose pierced, but my hubs doesn’t like the idea. Of course I ordered these fake nose rings to give a go to see if I would like it before doing anything drastic. I’ll let ya know what I think!

YA’LL!!!!! This book is EVERYTHING. If you’ve been thinking about buying it to read you need to do it. It’s so full of truth for women by providing real raw life situations. YOU MUST READ!!

Well that’s it for this haul friends! I hope you loved my finds. Let me know if these are the type of posts that you want to see.

love you friends!!  -Miranda


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