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Holiday Gift Guide FOR HIM

The hardest person to shop for is always a man. HOPEFULLY this makes it a little easier for you. I decided to mix this Gift Guide FOR HIM up. It has a little bit of everything..outdoors items, clothing, tech and grilling. Jordan (my hubby) has a lot of these items and he likes them so I think your man will as well!

Jordan just started taking these about a month ago and likes the results. He can grow a full beard in about 2 weeks or so, but not evenly so the vitamins help make all his hair grow at the same speed.

This is a best seller on Amazon and it has great reviews…only $14.85!!

$15.95! I bought my dad this for Christmas one year and the quality seems good for the price point.

These would be great for the gym.

My dad has this and it smells SO SO good! Trust me you need this for your man ladies. I’m probably getting this for Jordan.

Jordan has this and plays all the time. I asked him out of all his games which one is his favorite and this was the winner. If you want to keep ya man busy and out of your hair then definitely buy this LOL.

Every man needs a good flashlight. If your man is country then you know he wants this to “shine” deer.

Who am I kidding?? I need this! My hubby likes to clean his truck, but not the inside so I should probably buy him this. Maybe he will take the hint!

I swear this is one of the best brands for men’s clothing. Great quality!  I would say 50% of my brother and husbands closets are Columbia!

This looks so soft and I love the big button detail. This is a great example of something I would get any men in my family for a Christmas gift.

Necessity! This is a best seller on Amazon!

Everyone in my family buys this for Jordan. We seriously get 3 a year.. it’s perfect for Jordan to use to wash my car when he makes me mad and wants me to forgive him.

Beard Catcher If your man has hair then I don’t need to even explain why this would make sense to buy. Hair everywhere…. Side note: It never fails every time I clean the bathroom J decides it’s time to shave his entire face…WHY BOY WHY!!

XBOX 360 Rockband Bundle  This is on Jordan’s wishlist this year. I feel like it’s a popular item!

WeatherTech Floor Mats I’ve heard so many good things about these floor mats. I don’t own any, but from friends and reviews online they seem like we all need them for our vehicles. I think any male would love these. Great gift option!

Hex Dumbbell At home weights for ya man to get fit. I bought a set of weights at Walmart, but they are like 5 pounds so those won’t do anything for Jordan

Motorized Heavy Duty Grill Brush My guy received this last year from family and he uses it all the time. He loves cleaning our grill before he cooks on the weekends.

YETI Portable Cooler This would be a smaller version of a YETI cooler. We don’t have one, but I would be lying if I said that Jordan doesn’t want one. This would be perfect for a quick trip or just to keep waters in for your car.

JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker J has this and swears by it. He takes it to work, beach trips, and uses it at home when we just want to jam while we are getting ready to go somewhere.

YETI Roadie Cooler This would be a bigger version of a YETI cooler. Again, we don’t own one but if I bought one for Jordan, it would be this one!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

XO- Miranda


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