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Hilton Orlando

Hey hey! I love starting new blog posts like that! What’s up? How are you? It’s been awhile. I just want to say I’ve missed you. I’ve missed writing! So let’s dive right back in!

I want to start by saying this blog post is in partnership with Hilton Orlando ,but all opinions and comments are my own.

Last month the Hilton Orlando hosted myself and 3 of my blogger friends for a great weekend! We had the best time and I can’t wait to share my experience with you! If you are planning on visiting Orlando anytime soon for any occasion this is the HOT SPOT to go! We planned to attend BlogCon in Orlando and our first thought was what better place to stay then the Hilton Orlando! I’ve stayed in Orlando to go to Disney World and Universal several times, but this stay was hands down my FAV!

We left Jacksonville on Friday afternoon to head towards Orlando. When we arrived at the Hilton we realized we are in a prime spot for all of the best restaurants, things to do and OF COURSE SHOPPING! The Staff is top notch very friendly and personable. The property is laid out perfectly to make navigating very easy. The view of the pool from the front desk was my favorite. I loved during check in being able to over look the entire pool area.

Also I want to add we shot soooo many outfit pictures while staying at the Hilton so I’m pretty sure the staff thought we were crazy. Every time we came out of the elevator the staff would laugh and say have fun LOL!

ROOM: For our stay we had 2 adjoining rooms which lucky for us was an added bonus! It was a great fit for all of us and our 14 bags together …trust me I know that sounds excessive it’s because we are very EXTRA especially on trips!!  The beds were nice and comfy for great sleep after 2 long days! The staff even left us little goodies in our rooms. A personal gesture always goes along way to me and makes me feel so welcome no matter where I am. I felt right at home in the Hilton Orlando and so will you whenever you decide to visit 📷 Each room had a comfy bed or two (depending on the type you book), full size bathroom, desk, chair, tv, mini fridge, dresser and a gorgeous view of the pool area!

FOOD:  A resort is always 10x better in my opinion if they have a restaurant inside of it. So naturally The Hilton Orlando had a restaurant. We actually went to breakfast at the bistro one morning and I ordered the breakfast omelet with sausage, cheese and onions! SO yummy! They also have a gift shop/market where you can get souvenirs, drinks, snacks and etc. However, at the pool there is full bar as well as a perfect snack sized menu.  You can view all dining menus here


The best part in my opinion was the pool and all of the perks that came with it! Keeping reading 📷  The pool actually had 2 seperete pools, a water slide, a kiddie area, a lazy river! It was heaven for the afternoon. We also had a private cabana which was really nice. We could relax and not have to worry about what time we needed to go get ready for lunch because lunch was literally served at the pool. Highly recommend getting a cabana for the afternoon! I had no idea that cabanas at The Hilton Orlando come with water, soda, and a fruit basket! It was super easy to grab a snack while relaxing by the pool.

The spa was gorgeous. You actually have to walk through the spa lobby in order to get to the gym. I didn’t get any services this time, but next will be a must! I did however tour the gym and YALLLL I think I might start working out again just because of THAT gym! It had all of the equipment needed to get in the best shape of your life. Also want to add it had a full room length mirror…. we all know if it doesn’t end up on Instagram then it didn’t happen!

I think I covered it all! If you have any questions about Hilton Orlando feel free to shoot me an email or DM! I would love to chat. If you do decide to book, let me know! I want to hear about your stay! Here is the link in case you need it! Hilton Orlando

Thank you Hilton Orlando for hosting us and we can’t wait to visit again! Have a great week everyone!


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